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I know how difficult it is to share personal information about your life with someone you have just met. That is why I believe that trust is an essential aspect I work hard to maintain with my clients. Feel free to take a look at the following questions and answers below. They will help you feel relaxed throughout the process of The Tarot Closet services. You are welcome to contact me should you need further information.

You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to receive a reading and any other services on offer. The Tarot Closet does not offer readings or any services to anyone under 18 years old. By booking and accepting a reading or other service from The Tarot Closet, you confirm you are 18 years of age or over and agree to the above disclaimer.

Readings and other services rendered by The Tarot Closet are for Entertainment Purposes Only. All services rendered by The Tarot Closet, do not replace or supplement professional advice or help such as legal, medical, etc...  Please seek help if needed. We accept zero liability for your actions before, during, or after a Reading or any Service rendered by The Tarot Closet.

The Tarot Closet does not claim an accuracy percentage for readings or other services. Take what resonates and leave the rest. At times, messages may come through that you are not ready to receive and may only understand at another time.

The parties (that is you) acknowledge that time is not of the essence here, and the client is not requesting a time-sensitive or urgent request.  Legally, this translates to your reading will not be delivered within any time frame. Please note, a delivery time frame or date is never offered. The Tarot Closet will update you throughout the process and keep you informed of where you are in the order in which your booking was received. When you book services with The Tarot Closet, it is mandatory that you agree to these Terms of Use (TOS), or your booking will fail. Once you have agreed and the booking has been successful, this is a legally binding contract.

In order to offer the quality of services offered, I must be in the right Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical space. Readings and other services are channeled when the four areas of support and stability are aligned. Every reading is unique and is channeled according to these factors. The Tarot Closet cannot and does not rush readings or other services. Readings are personalized, and depending upon what service you have booked, sometimes very long, detailed, and in-depth. 

If you would like a rushed reading, I may not be the reader for you. 

What information do you need from me?

It is recommended that you include your Birthdate, Place of Birth, and Time of Birth. Your information is safe and encrypted, never shared with anyone except The Tarot Closet, and destroyed after services have been rendered and the file closed. Should you return for more services, I will start the process over. This ensures your information is safe and not stored anywhere. 

How long is a reading?

Readings and other Services can range from 30-90 minutes on average and can go up to 120 minutes or more, depending upon the reading (service) you have booked. For example, Love Readings average 30-45 minutes, and Premium Readings average 60-90 minutes, but can go up to 2 hours, even longer. Please understand that every service rendered, including readings, is unique, and timing is not something we can control up to a certain point. We go where Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors lead, and until all messages have been received and passed to the client.

The Tarot Closet also offers Coaching (Spiritual, Life, Relationships, incl. Twin Flame situations). However, I am currently not accepting new clients. Spaces will be opening sometime in 2023 if you are interested, so please include this information in your booking so I can add you to the waitlist, or feel free to reach out via the contact page.

Does The Tarot Closet offer rush readings?

No. If you would like a rushed reading, I may not be the reader for you.

What kind of reading can I request?

When bookings are open, you will have the option to review services under the 'Book A Reading' tab.

Are any topics off-limits?

Unless The Tarot Closet has been given express permission by you, I do not cover the following topics: Legal Matters, Death, Traumatic and/or Triggering Events, Health Issues, and Pregnancy-related topics. Unless you expressly request these topics in your booking, The Tarot Closet will assume they are off-limits. Note, I will never cover anything politically related.

You will see the above options during the booking process.

What information do you need regarding third parties?

I respect the privacy of third parties and ask that you do not include their name or location. For readings that channel departed loved ones, the information necessary changes. You will have the option to include the requested information throughout the booking process. 

The Tarot Closet requests the DOB (Date of Birth) for all parties in Love Readings, and requests the Time and Location of Birth when this information is available. 

Note,  The Tarot Closet may close a channel regarding a third party if it gets too invasive. Third parties are never referred to by name and/or location or title (husband, wife, mother, etc... ). Your person, this person, etc... are used, as well as 'maternal' or 'paternal' energy, etc... Thank you for understanding. Also note, we do not offer *off-limit topics* on a third party unless it comes in a non-invasive way and does not disclose personal information on the said party. 

What are the readings like?

Readings are tailored to you and will vary in content. They can be light, and they can also get heavy. The Tarot Closet readings and other services are led by Intuition, Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors.  As messages are received, they are relayed to you to the best of my ability. When a message is coming directly from The Tarot Closet, I will express this. Note, messages are never advice, merely guidance, and never be taken as advice. Readings and other services rendered by The Tarot Closet are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Readings (and all other services) do not replace or supplement professional advice or help such as Legal, Medical, etc...  Please seek help if needed.


How do I watch my completed reading?

Unless you have purchased a coaching package (coaching packages offer live Zoom readings and guidance), Tarot readings, and other services are pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube as private for you, and The Tarot Closet, only. More information regarding the Terms of Use (TOS)⎜Terms of Service⎜Disclaimers & Policies is offered during the booking process. Readings will never begin until the Terms of Use (TOS), Disclaimers & Policies have been read and agreed upon. Bookings will fail if the box is not ticked.

  • You are prohibited from sharing the reading (or any other Services rendered) in any form (this includes any portion in any way), posting the reading, and anything that can be considered 'sharing' on social media, websites, or the like. It is forbidden to use, copy or reproduce any portion of the reading or this document. The reading, any words, photos, or otherwise associated with The Tarot Closet website, and all information in emails between you and The Tarot Closet, are the sole property of The Tarot Closet.

  • The parties acknowledge that time is not of the essence here, and the client is not requesting a time-sensitive or urgent request.  This is a legally binding contract that translates to NO TIME frame or no specific date is offered as to when the Services are ready delivered and ready for viewing.

What is your refund policy?

The Tarot Closet DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS. We offer services, not goods. When you order a reading or other service from The Tarot Closet, you are purchasing personal, 'tailored to you' services which are time and energy. Channeling your energy begins the moment we receive your booking and continues until services have been rendered. When you book your reading, you are required to agree to the Terms of Use, and all terms within. There are no exceptions to this rule.  

Please approach your reading with an open heart and mind, and know that the messages you receive come from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, not The Tarot Closet. When a message (or messages) are coming directly from The Tarot Closet, I will state this. In no way is this advice. The Tarot Closet will never tell you what to do. 


I offer Spiritual Guidance only. It is up to you to make decisions in your life, and we strongly recommend that you do not make life-changing decisions based on a reading or any services rendered from The Tarot Closet.

I accept zero liability for your actions, decisions, or otherwise, before, during, or after a Tarot Closet Service has been rendered.

Always use your free will, let your intuition guide you, and trust your gut instincts. These are your guardian angels. I look forward to working with you.

with love and light, The Tarot Closet

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